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Drain Unblocking Swindon

Drain Unblocking Swindon

Drain Unblocking Swindon Wiltshire. Drains Blocked in Swindon ?

Blocked drains are a real nuisance for home owners and can be very unsightly if outside. Drain Gain have been unblocking drains for over 20 years. We are used to all types of drain blockages and, we clear them all on a daily basis. The main cause of blocked drains is either, the incorrect items being placed down them or the drain is damaged.

Normally a blockage can be cleared within 1 hour, with the correct drain clearing tools and equipment we are sure to get the job done in the least amount of time.

We use high pressure jetting to dispose of most blockages, our vehicles are all fitted with drain jetters and electro mechanical tools to assist in the unblocking of all drains.

Internal drains such as sinks, baths, basins,urinals, toilets and showers can also all be unblocked. Internal blockages are normally caused by fat and grease if this is the kitchen sink. As for showers, baths and basins, the most common cause is human hair, its worth remembering to place a strainers over these outlets to reduce the chances of blockages.

Toilets can be a bit more tricky to clear, again the normal blockage on a toilet would be caused by the incorrect items being placed down the toilet. Sanitary waste should always be placed in a bin. Also ensure your toilets gets a full flush, always flush the toilet after use, do not let paper and solids build up, this will cause blockages than can be quite stubborn to remove.

If you require any of your drains to be unblocked then please contact Drain Gain 01235 797 227.

drain unblocking swindon


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